The Characters

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The characters of Soulmeria

The war between the Soulmerians and the Seekers is coming to an end – with Soulmeria dying and the Seekers striving as it does. The struggle has left many Soulmerians to relocate and find a way to save their home, many coming to Earth. They struggle to blend in as Humans in hopes to find a way to victory. The Seekers have followed, determined to destroy the last of the Soulmerians. And among this chaos, Humans are being recruited left and right from Soulmerians and Seekers to help to end the war between the two. Where do you stand?


Soulmerian Males: 4

Soulmerian Females: 7

Seeker Males: 1

Seeker Females: 4

Human Males: 3

Human Females: 4

Rogue Males: -

Rogue Females: 2

Total: 25

Female to Male Ratio: 17:8

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