The Characters

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Emma Collins is a 23 year old human. While most people of such sex gender in her status rank are curvy and lean, Emma can be described neither as precious nor delicate to this extreme. Where she lacks any of the more womanly parts she makes up for in muscle and a strong structure. Average height and weight, considerably healthy despite not liking to eat meat. Around her neck hangs a dark leather cord strung through with a silver pendent, which will under no circumstances come off. When she is working Emma wears jeans and a white doctor's coat. Otherwise, she can be found wearing anything else. Although she does not wear them much she was prescribed with prescription glasses. She is stubborn, narrow-minded, and realistic; an unbeliever towards anything that cannot first be proven. Emma relies on wit and self-preserved strength both of will and physique to get the job done, without either she would not be who she was. Although having never been actually confirmed her wall built to keep people out is a result of growing up an orphan, moving from home to home until eventually just running away. She detests the idea of a thing such as fate for this very reason, liking better to believe people have their own say on how to live their life. Emma does not respond well to subtle or direct threats. If given either, she will lash out with word or fist. Nor does she particularly care for cheaters of any sort. As distrustful as she might be, this orphan does not stand for cowardly acts of selfishness or dishonesty towards people who do not know any better but to fall for it.

Faceclaim: Jennifer Morrison

Cassandra, or Cass, is a 16 year old human. She is a five foot nine girl with long brown hair and green eyes. She likes to make friends out of just about anyone. She is very athletic and can be looked up to as a role-model. She also has straight-As, but that's only because she studies real hard. Her family is poor and so she works two different jobs. One at a coffee shop on the weekends, usually in the morning, and the other at a pet store right after school every weekday. She doesn't mind the work, perhaps she enjoys it.

Carson Jackson is a 20 year old human.

Faceclaim: Colin O'Donoghue

Moxie Forte is a prime example of young rebellion. The eighteen-year-old wears her blonde hair short and feathered. Very stylized. A few piercings line her ears, while her nose secures one stud. Tattoos scatter down her left arm, and an inked banner above her chest reads "Tod oder Freiheit". Upon entering a room, she is one to catch everyone's attention... Not for her attire, but for her beauty. The girl is absolutely stunning. From her flawless complexion to her superb figure, Moxie's been known to break a few hearts. Her green eyes are entrancing; few are able to resist their charm. When a smile curves her lips, it melts hearts. However, these smiles are rare for Moxie. To say she's never jubilant would be a lie; but, happiness is not an emotion which she frequently expresses.

For all the allure Moxie possesses, she can be vicious. Occasionally, she becomes restless or temperamental, making her actions hard to predict. When enraged, she will ferociously assail her provoker. One can feel her menacing glare pierce their skin as the once dazzling eyes narrow. Revenge? Hell yeah. If mistreated, she insures a worse fate for the culprit. Moxie never forgets and rarely forgive. She's not one to withhold her opinion on any matter; however, she primarily appears indifferent. Ironically, this is one of her prime virtues: she's always honest-- sometimes brutally so. Despite her harsh nature, Moxie can make for enjoyable company. When she wants to be, she's quite humorous and witty. There are even times when she displays great bravery and behaves selflessly. To Moxie, language means little; it is action which uncovers genuine character.

Faceclaim: Unknown

Fletcher Young is a 21 year old human with Irish descendants. Fletcher stands at a height of 6 feet, giving him a tall and thin appearance. His facial features consist of smooth light skin, a defined jaw structure, and hazel eyes. He also has thick brown eyebrows that compliment his eyes and a curly mess of thick brown hair. Fletch can be easily summed up in 5 words: Lazy, Reckless, Irresponsible, Cheeky and Impulsive. Additionally, he's rarely ever serious which tends to be the reason he's in trouble so often.

Faceclaim: Robert Sheehan

Skylar is an 18 years old.  She is a small girl with pale ivory skin, hazel eyes, and white/gray colored hair. She's fun and out going very open minded. She has a very flirtaious personality and is often dressed in cute dresses with fishnet leggings and her one spiked silver braclet. She is often made fun of by her friends for her height as she's only 5'2 in height but everyone loves her she's very sweet and caring but don't mistake her kindness for weakness just because she's nice doesn't mean she'll take any crap from people or let anyone walk over her.

Faceclaim: Unknown

Antonio Romero, or Tony. - 20 - More info coming soon!

Faceclaim: Unknown