The Characters

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Lilith Gray - 80 - Seeker Leader - Apocolyptic Horsemen Physiology - More coming soon!
Faceclaim: Kat Graham

Adviser (leader's choice)


 Jude Macklin - 60 - Description coming soon!

Faceclaim: Danny Schäfer

Lieutenants (up to 3)

Commanders (up to 6)

Winnie Concite is a very small 5'2 seeker who is 19 years old. Her eyes are brown and she adorns beautiful brown curling hair. But she always tries to maintain a simple beauty that is very alluring to most humans. She is a very flexible person which allows her to twist into impossible contortions during battle. This makes her a very formidable foe. Winnie's power is imitation. She can copy anyone's power for a  very short period of time which she utilizes during battle as well. Her personality is very fiery and feisty, she doesn't take no very kindly and she certainly won't take it lying down. If she is fond of you she is very loyal and cannot contain her flirting but that might be what makes her so alluring.  There is nothing she won't do to fight for her cause. However her biggest weakness might be how easily persuaded she can be. In her past Winnie lost both of her parents to Soulmerians during a battle and she has never been able to forgive them. One thing that people easily learn from a first impression of Winnie is that she loves to laugh and if you can make her laugh you are golden in her book. Currently her favorite place to reside is under a willow tree in the forest but she does make regular appearances in town. Befriending Winnie might be a very useful relationship.

Faceclaim: Celeste Desjardins

Sofia Snow - 24 - Seeker - Natural Disasters - Bio Coming Soon

Alexander McKnight is a 17 year old Seeker with the powers of an Angel/Shadow Hunter. He is six feet tall with blue hair and blue eyes. He is hard working, will do anything for those he loves. Will protect them with his life and take care of them like he knew them his whole life (Which some he would). Sweet and caring are his weak spots. Will be cruel and unkind when needed.

Xena Pyane is a twenty two year old female, her skin a lovely tan year around causing many to think her race that of an asian descent, however this isn't true, it is because of her familie's lovely bloodline back in Italy. With her black hair hanging down to her waist, it's little wonder that she often has it tied up due to her power of being able to control fire and being able to start fires with just a simple thought of her mind. With that being said, her power is often dangerous to herself and thought around her as she is often angry and is easy to set off causing her powers to flare to life as if they control her and not the otherway around. However, Xena is a caring person, she will always seek out those who need help, but don't be mistaken, if someone and herself are put in danger and the choice is between herself and the other she will always pick herself over the other finding it easier to be alive then dead. Having being trained for nearly all of her life by a military raised father, she quickly joined a small army and received training through them, causing her not only to be deadly with her power but also with her hands and anything that she can use as a weapon.  

Faceclaim: Jessica Alba