The Characters

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Chantel Evergreen  (Site Owner) is a twenty-two year old Soulmerian, usually referred to as Chany. She has a fair complexion, pretty green eyes, and  stands at about 5'3. Chantel is a ginger with a whole lot of soul. Even though she is pretty short for her age, she is as electric as her powers, and has a big personality. Chantel is best described in two words: silly and sassy. Although she should be trying her best to blend in with the humans and stay hidden from the Seekers, she finds herself easily getting bored by that lifestyle, and is known for occasionally using her powers to terrorize the townspeople. It's actually very hard to believe she is twenty-two. Chantel was dispatched to Earth when she was very young and has not been very exposed to the war. This has kept her heart from turning cold and why she is so childish. She has seen her fair share of bloodshed, but when it comes down to it, Chantel isn't the strongest person in battle. She is not a physical fighter and is very power dependent (for everything really). She is not a planner. She is an emotional person and her powers are very emotion-based. This does not mean she has no control over her powers, it just means she's very sparatic.

Faceclaim: Holland Roden

Leila Winters (Co-Owner/Graphics)  is a 21 year old Soulmerian with an affinity for manipulating and communicating with animals. She has bright light blonde hair going a little past her shoulders and vibrant, expressive green eyes. Unlike most, Leila's learned how to blend in with human culture quite nicely. She ventured for work for a while until she settled to working an animal shelter. Despite being a quick learner, she's never been one to hold her tongue. Some of the things she says half the time are so unbelievable and original that it can only be described as word vomit. Lei's usually like this when she's being challenged or wants to prove someone wrong—seriously or for fun. Leila's very capable of being serious when the situation demands it, unlike her friend Chantel who recklessly expresses what she is without a second thought of any consequences. Leila is the person who takes care of others with such loyaly and intellect that it's almost impossible to think she's the same person who just said she'd stuff her fist up someone's nostril and up to the brain just because they said the wrong thing. Because of this, she will sometimes have risky moments of over confidence which can be a bad thing if she's not careful. Leila's not afraid to let people in and make friends, and she often frets about them first before herself. Angering her isn't wise as she can be just as aggressive physically as she is verbally, spradic if given the chance. She's definitely her own person and even she knows she's a mess, but she's not impossible to handle or befriend.

Faceclaim: Emily Osment

Charlotte Masters (Admin) is a 21 year old Soulmerian, you can call her Charr for short. She has dirty blonde wavy hair  down to the bottom of her shoulder blades and piercing blue-green eyes.  In an effort to blend in with the humans she manipulated her natural beauty and became a model. Many of those models have tried to befriend her but she tend to keep everyone out and at a far distance. The only ones she ever truly let's in are Soulmerians as she knows it is easier to trust them - some of them that is. She can be very friendly, somtimes overly friendly, but has a bad habbit of pushing people away once they're close to her heart as a defense mechanism. Over the years Charlotte has lost and gained many friends but one tragedy in particular keeps her alert and always judging different situations. She has the power of manipulating every particle in the fiber of any object or even any being, although manpulating people is a lot harder than just an object that does not live and she just finds it morally wrong so she tries to stay away from that at all costs. Charlotte also has a tough exterior when it comes to guys, telling them she's not looking for anyone, when in all actuallity that idea thrills her. When she's stressed or depressed she tends to go out drinking which creates a whole new mess for her, sometimes it's kind of funny to watch and she's really fun to be around, other times she's like a lost puppy - it truly varies on the sitaution.  This is why she likes to have a few close friends. She can be very trustworthy and quite fun with spontaneous ideas when boredom happens to strike. Another thing about Charr is she has no problem buying her friends alchohol so they don't have to go through the trouble of stealing. With all her exprience on this planet she has a lot of things to offer. If you ever need advice or guidance she's more than happy to help!

Faceclaim: Doutzen Kroes

Maddox Hawthorne is a 27 year old Soulmerian with the power of Zombification, or Reanimation. He was dispatched to Earth when he was very young and without mother and father. He'd wandered into an orphanage as alone as any kid could be until he was old enough to get out. Once he got out, he got a job as a grave digger, something easy that appealed to him due to his power, though he found he's very good in the kitchen and aspires to be a chef. He's very humble, hard working, and not at all a stressful person. Maddox fights well physically—frankly being pretty good with a knife if need be—but often depends on his power as much as he can as reanimated corpses can't be killed. Other than that, he's mostly at a disadvantage. He has an incredible sense of humor, using his power as the source of his best pranks if it's safe to do so. Maddox is also very friendly and gentlemanly, but he has a very good grasp on when to be serious or cautious. With Seekers on his tail, he's usually very careful on any given day.

Faceclaim: Richard Madden

Evan Dahlia is a 23 year old Soulmerian. He has stunning pure deep blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, sometimes he likes to keep his face clean shaven but often it is a rugged stuble that glitters his jaw line. Evan's build is very muscular and husky coming to a height of 6'3 he towers over most people he encounters. Although he seems to have it all figured out he is in search of his sister who came to Earth with him years ago. Because of this he likes to meet everyone and can't seem to pick a side being on both the side of the Seekers and the Soulmerians. He is very charming, protective, and friendly when you get to know him as well as pretty clever and funny; but he is never the same when he meets anyone, everyone gets a different impression from him. His power is to teleport whether it's near or far or even a foot away it comes in quite handy when fighting and getting out of sticky situations. In addition to this he can also teleport people or objects with him making him the perfect hero although he tries his best not to be. He has this world all figured out and he knows exactly what being the hero entails so he remains ellusive, all he wants is to find his sister. Everyone will most likely meet Evan it's just a matter of who meets the true Evan.
Faceclaim: Nick Bateman
Elodie Dahlia is a 20 year old Soulmerian. She is tan with dark chocolate brown hair to her mid back and her eyes are ice blue but do have gold flecks in them. Elodie has spent half her life on Earth and half her life on Soulmeria so unfortunately she is still plagued with memories of her dieing planet. From the age of 10 she began learning the ways of humans trying her best to forget she was nothing like them. She's very social with anyone in general because she hates to feel alone yet she cannot shake an air of mystery that shrouds her wherever she goes. Currently Ellie is job hopping trying to meet new people that might entertain her for the time being and to also take care of her father who was injured in the departure to Earth from Soulmeria. He is very old and she often disappears to check on him and tend to his injury, but she knows that soon he will die; there is not a force on Earth nor Soulmeria who can save him, and she has come to accept that. R.I.P Daddy. She once had a brother but in all the commotion of finding a new home he was lost to her and to this day she still searches for him in hopes that she hasn't lost her entire family to the retched seekers. Her fiery attitude fuels her power to shift emotions of the people in the surrounding area. She thinks it's the dumbest power ever so she likes to play around with it. Ellie loves to make friends and is quite charming so don't be afraid to socialize with her, maybe you can help her find her brother?

Jay is a 17 year old Soulmerian with the power to grant people's wishes as well as his own. He is a six foot boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He takes care of his family and friends like they were his only loved ones left. He hides his secrets well and doesn't take kindly to rude people. He is trustworthy and a great friend, even if that friend ends up being an enemy by mistake.

Faceclaim: Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Marina is 16 year old Soulmerian.

Nox Moreau is a six year old Soulmerian boy with icy haunting blue eyes and dark brown hair. Just recently he had been dispatched to Earth, however with no memory of his past at all. While on Soulmeria, his grandmother took him from his parents and raised him herself after his mother had died. His father had been too grief-stricken to protest. His grandmother to put it in simple words, was completely sadistic and insane. Once she found out about Nox's power, she beat and trained him to grow up and become a strong soldier as a cause for the war. Being exposed to violence and torment, that traumatized him and so he gradually became cold. He only wanted to be good for grandma, so seeing people die began to give him some sick enjoyment. His power is mind control, so his grandmother trained him in order for him to gain control over making people kill themselves. He couldn't do that yet, but just as he was progressing more with his powers, his father came and wiped his memory clean before killing his grandmother as well. After that Nox was dispatched to Earth. His power is now much more dormant, so he can only use mind control for certain things and on limited time. Since his memory was wiped, he's not as cold as he was, and acts somewhat normal now for a six year old. He's very shy and innocent at first, but once he warms up all he wants to do is play. If he gets close to a person, he'll always be near them. Sometimes he hears bad voices in his head due to the side effects of the memory loss, so he has his moments of sounding twisted at times or talking to himself out of nowhere.
Faceclaim: Asa Butterfield

Julia Loring has glossy blonde hair that flows down past her shoulders, curling at the tips. Her azure eyes, flecked with deep hues of green and violet, are always welcoming. Fuchsia lips curve at their tips to form a warm smile, free of any spite or contempt. Julia has a slender figure and is of average height with a creamy complexion. She appears delicate and petite, but, like most Soulmerians, appearances are deceitful. The sixteen-year-old is skilled in the sword which she can wield with great agility and skill. For many years she trained with the weapon and even took fencing lessons as a child. Despite her fearless nature, she's a very cheerful and benevolent individual. She's friendly to all and typically an easy person to talk to. However, Julia has her peculiar moments where she puzzles some and leaves them pondering on her words. The girl speaks her mind and at times appears rather wise for it. She can find the truth in any situation and discover the positivity in it as well; a true optimistic. Her gentle spirit is consistently easygoing, like lapping tides, yet her passionate nature drives her to pursue her desires, like crashing waves. Being the curious girl that she is, she craves to discover the answers to the unknown which spark her interest. Most of her time is spent at the beach where she enjoys swimming and practicing her powers, manipulating the water around her. The talent fits her personality to a tee, for like water she is both calm and fierce.

Faceclaim: Sarina Nash

Addison Cooper, or Addy for short, is a 17 year old Soulmerian with chlorokinesis. Addy has long, wavy, dark brown hair that falls a little above her waist. She has white, tanned skin and bright green eyes with a certain glint that seems to change color with the seasons. She has a slim, but athletic build, weighs around 118 pounds, and is about 5'5" tall. She's usually seen wear sneakers and jeans, and either a tank top and denim shirt, or a plaid flannel shirt. Addy is very loyal and sticks by her friends no matter what. She is more of a follower than a leader, but she's fine with that. She loves painting and singing in her free time, She is terrified of heights and dislikes people who are arrogant or full of themselves, Addy has confidence issues and has trouble believing in herself, but she is slowly starting to gain a little more confidence. Addy's personality and mood seems to follow the seasons, bubbly and more active during the summer and during the winter, she seems to "hibernate", spending most of her time staying in her cabin and she's more sluggish, not as focused or alert and seems more irritable and impatient. During the spring she is in a transition point where she is beoming more active from being sluggish all winter and during fall it is the opposite. Even with this weird personality and activeness swings, overall, Addy is a great person to be around and tries her best to fit in with humans.

Faceclaim: Unknown